Tucson's First Aquarium Society

The DAS is an aquarium keeping club.

The Desert Aquarist Society meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month  (except holiday weekends) at 2 pm at the Columbus/Eckstrom Library, 4350 E. 22nd St. in Tucson, Arizona. Our next meeting is first Sunday of the month, May 7, 2017.  We changed the date due to Mother's Day being May 14th.  See the "This Month's Program" for details.  

The Eckstrom/Columbus Library is on the southeast corner of Columbus and 22nd Street.  The public is invited.  there is no admission charged.  Each meeting has raffles, auctions, and presentations on saltwater and freshwater aquarium keeping as well as terrarium keeping.

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Columbus/Eckstrom Library

Call (520) 620-6972 for information.

Message from the Club

This is our May edition of the newsletter.  Our next club meeting is May 7th at 2pm at the Eckstrom/Columbus Library.
Bob Goemans will present a talk on activated carbon.  We changed the date due to Mother's Day.

The April meeting was a great success. We had (36) people in attendance. 7 were new attendees and 4 were new members. Thanks to all who came! 

Our new members are James Grizzle, Theresa Smith, John Willmon and Jay Bohland.  Welcome!

Our program was given by Mr. Philip Sarelis and entitled "Propagating Plants and Moss."  Philip offered helpful tips in terms of starting and growing plants.  Thanks Philip!

Our "Members Only Raffle" prizes went to a new member, Theresa Smith ($25 gift certificate to Arizona Nature Aquatics), Alan Thiem ($20 gift certificate to Desert Pet) and Char Cohen ($10 gift certificate to Desert Pet).  

Business Items

The April auction offered a wonderful selection of fish and plants. Thanks to Dan Pape, Bob Goemans, Philip Saris, Mahlon Wood, Stephanis Stryker, Gabe Skidmore, Scott McDonald, Tracey Tomak, Sam murphy, Alan Thiem, Diana Roberts, Char Cohen, Tammie Pearce, John Willmon and Dave Padgett for making the auction special!  

Highlights of the April auction included: 

Equipment:  A 200 watt heater, under gravel filter, battery powered air pump, Aqueon quiet flow 50 filter, 20 gallon aquarium stand, breather bags, fusion quiet pump, small and large glass bowls, and a hang on the back filter for 10 to 15 gallon aquarium,

Aquarium plants: Riccia fluitans (Floating Crystalwort),  Hygroryz ristata (Asian Watercress), Susswassertang, Ludwigia ovalis, Rotala, java moss, Proserpinaca Palustris, Banana plants, Guppy grass, Java fern, Amazon Sword, Baby tears, vallisneria (leopard), Lobelia Cardinals (Cardinal plant), Rotana Colprate, dwarf Sagittaria, Cryptocoryne wendtii, and Hydrocotyle tripartita.

Fish: baby Angelfish, Black mollies, Red wag plates, adult Angelfish, adult Kribensis and baby Kribensis.

Shrimp: Volcanic shrimp from Hawaii

Food: Microworms, Grindal worms, and OSI pellets

Board Report:  The board met on February 14th and approved a new auction form. it was decided to have meetings every month.  We will still have Store Treks but they will be in addition to rather than a substitute for a meeting. We will also meet in March starting in 2018 unless our meeting is the same weekend as SAKE.  The new rules for the auction form include listing each item separately with a common name, if possible, and limiting the number of items a person can bring to the auction to 10 each meeting. Members with auction items will be expected to arrive before the meeting starts in order to lay out auction items and to provide a completed auction form.

Membership Report:  As of the May, 2017 meeting we have 11 family memberships and 18 single memberships for 29 memberhips total.  That is 42 people. 

Treasury Report:  We have $1,102.65 in the treasury as of May, 2017.

Future Possible Programs

Travelogue by Dave Padgett
5 gallon or less (Nano) aquarium competition
Frogs and/or Terrariums by Scott MacDonald
Question and Answer Program
Photography II by Tony Teceria
Panda Garras--What the Heck is That? by Dave Padgett
Collecting in Florida by Gabe Skidmore
Building your own aquariums by Gabe Skidmore
Setting up a fish room by Gabe Skidmore
breeding fish a more natural (and easy) way by Sam Murphy
Feeding fry can be easy by Sam Murphy
Tucson water, whats in it? by Tucson Water Depart. representative
How do you get rid of snails? by Sam Murphy
Do it yourself CO2 injection by Sam Murphy

Please be sure to let us know about programs/talks you would be willing to give!

Upcoming events

DRYWASH AQUARIUM SOCIETY--meets the second Thursday of every month and the next meeting is May 11th.  The Dry Wash Aquarium Society meeting location is Our Savior's Lutheran Church at 1212 E. Glendale Ave , Phoenix.  The meeting will start at 7:30 PM.  

Arizona Rivulin's Keepers (Killifish Club)--meets the second Saturday of every month.  The next meeting is May 13, 2017 at Denny's Restaurant on the southeast corner of Rural Road just south of SR-60.  The "official" meeting starts at 7 p.m., but if you would like to buy dinner, please plan to arrive at 6 p.m.  Meetings are free and open to the public.  We usually have a raffle, a program, and an open trade table.  If you want to carpool with other DAS members send an email to Dave Padgett, .


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