Tucson's First Aquarium Society

The DAS is an aquarium keeping club.

The Desert Aquarist Society usually meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month and for November 2017 we will meet on November 12th at 2 pm at the Columbus/Eckstrom Library, 4350 E. 22nd St. in Tucson, Arizona.   The Eckstrom/ Columbus Library is on the southeast corner of Columbus and 22nd Street.  The public is invited.  There is no admission charged.  Each meeting has raffles, auctions, and presentations on saltwater and freshwater aquarium keeping as well as terrarium keeping.  

For a map click here:  Columbus/Eckstrom Library

Message from the Club:

The October meeting featured our annual Bowl Show and what a show it was.  We had 20 entries including a mermaid.  Thanks John.  She was lovely.  The 1st Place entry was Gabe Skidmore's Fundulopanchax Sjoestedti and he was a spectacular fish.  Gabe's prize was a $40 gift certificate from Arizona Nature Aquatics (ANA).  There was a tie for second place between Christopher Rodarte's Delta Tail Betta and Dan Pape's Laimosemion Xiphidus.  Both Christopher and Dan were awarded $20 gift certificates from ANA.  Gabe, Christopher, and Dan earned points toward the Holiday Party raffle.

Gabe Skidmore's 1st Place Fundulopanchax Sjoestedti

Dan Pape's Tied for 2nd Place Laimosemion Xiphidus

Christopher Rodarte's Tied for 2nd Delta Tail Betta

Thanks to Bill and Sherry Blair, Bob Goemans, Norman Klinetop, Dave Padgett, Dan Pape, Eve Parris, Christopher Rodarte, Gabe Skidmore, JD Uker and Sarah Walker, Dave Villapudua, John Willmon, Kenny Wong, and Mahlon and Sheila Wood for their entries.  It was the largest and best Bowl Show ever.

The 29 people at the meeting really enjoyed the show.  Of the 29 we had four guests--Caitlan Encias, Shanita Haywood, Brianna Torres, and Sha'Naya Haywood.  There was also one new member, Wendy Santeyan, who actually is a returning member.  Welcome back Wendy.  It is great to have you back.

Our members only raffle winners for October were Mahlon and Sheila Wood ($20 gift certificate to Arizona Nature Aquatics) , Norman Klinetop ($10 gift certificate to Arizona Nature Aquatics), and Bob Goemans ($10 gift certificate to Desert Pet) and, Bob Mayerfield ($10 gift certificate to Desert Pet).

The next program is our annual Home Show.  See the This Month's Program tab for more details.

Auction Report:  The $1 table was pretty much inactive although it was available to members starting at 1:30.  The purpose of the $1 is to allow members and visitors to claim items without waiting for the auction.  It was announced, starting in January, the $1 Table will become the Fixed Price Table.  You will be able to bring any item and set your price.  It can be $1, $5, or any price. 

For those bringing items for the $1 table in November be sure to bring your $1 table forms with you and give them to Dan Pape or Sam Murphy.  Remember it will stay a $1 Table until January 2018.  

As usual, the auction was dynamic and there were plants, equipment, fish and live foods available.  Thanks to Forrest Cook, Bob Goemans, Dave Padgett, Dan Pape, Eve Parris, Christopher Rodarte, Gabe Skidmore, Sarah Walker, Mahlon Wood, and Dave Villapudua.  The highlight of the auction was for me Gabe auctioning off the Best of Show winner, Fundulopanchax Sjoestedti.  

Auction highlights included:

Aquarium plants:  Susswassertang, Anubias Nana, Guppy Grass, Needle leaf Java fern, Anubias barteri, Crypt. wenditii, Java moss, Alternanthera, and more.

Fish: Apistogramma Urtegai, Pygmy sunfish from Florida, Silver Angels, Endlers , Assasin snails, German Blue Ram, Cherry shrimp, Mystery snails, and live (Grindal Worms) and flake food (Spirulina).

Board Report: The Board met September 20, 2017 and the following agreements were made:
--discuss a serious affiliate member issue with the club membership at October meeting and the consequences of such actions.  This discussion is intended to prevent the issue from continuing.
--modify the $1 Sales Table form to a Sales Table form allowing for items of various prices to offered on the sales table in order to reduce the items in the auction.  This procedure will be explained at the October meeting.
--change our meeting timetable to allow for ten minutes for the treasurer and assistant(s) to tally each members total from the auction and Sales Table.  No one's transaction will be expedited until the treasurer is ready.  Everyone is in a hurry to leave but there has to be time for the treasurer to finalize tabulations
--2018 elections will be held in December with no changes to the positions on the board.
--at the December Holiday Party members will be asked to bring holiday goodies--cookies, cake, candy, chips, etc.  The Club will provide the drinks and decorations.

Membership Report:  As of the October 2017 meeting we have 40 memberships including 13 family memberships and 27 single memberships.  That is 56 people.  

Treasury Report:  We have $1,651.06 in the treasury as of October 2017. 

Future Possible Programs: 

--Oceangrafic Travelogue by Dave Padgett  

--5 gallon or less (Nano) aquarium competition 

--Question and Answer Progrm 

--Photography II by Tony Teceria                                     ---Panda Garras--What the Heck is That? by Dave Padgett 

--Building your own aquariums by Gabe Skidmore
-Setting up a fish room by Gabe Skidmore 

--Feeding fry can be easy by Sam Murphy
--Breeding fish a more natural (and easy) way by Sam          Murphy

--Keeping Shrimp by Austin Mitchell
--Tucson water, whats in it? by Tucson Water Depart.              representative
--Aquatic Plants by John Willmon
--How do you get rid of snails? by Sam Murphy
--Do it yourself CO2 injection by Sam Murphy

Please be sure to let us know about programs/talks you would be willing to give!  See Vice President Sam Murphy at a meeting and tell him what you would like to present and on what topic. 

Upcoming Events:

DRYWASH AQUARIUM SOCIETY--meets the second Thursday of every month and the next meeting is November 9, 2017.  The Dry Wash Aquarium Society meeting location is Our Savior's Lutheran Church at 1212 E. Glendale Ave , Phoenix.  The meeting will start at 7:30 PM.  

ARIZONA RIVULIN'S KEEPERS (Killifish Club)--meets the second Saturday of every month.  The next meeting is November 11, 2017 at Denny's Restaurant on the southeast corner of Rural Road just south of SR-60.  The "official" meeting starts at 7 p.m., but if you would like to buy dinner, please plan to arrive at 6 p.m.  Meetings are free and open to the public.  We usually have a raffle, a program, and an open trade table.  If you want to carpool with other DAS members send an email to Dave Padgett, .


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