The Desert Aquarist Society, an Aquarium Keeping Club.

Meetings are on Second Sundays, 2 PM

The Public is invited. There are no admission fees. Each meeting is informative with an educational presentation on a variety of aquarium & terrarium topics.

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Message from the President, Philip Sarelis:

The Holiday Party was the focus of our December meeting. We had a packed room, and an abundance of edibles. 

Thanks to Arizona Nature Aquatics, and Desert Pet Center for the gift certificates.

I want to personally thank the Membership, and the 2017 Board for making this year a success.  Thanks to David, Dan, Sam, Bob, Scott, and Tracey.  Big thanks to John for stepping up to the plate mid-season to maintain our web presence. I also want to thank Alan for auctioneering, Sheila and Bea who helped with the refreshments, and a special thanks goes to Beth who handles sign-in, and membership.

Thanks to everyone for making this the best Holiday Party ever.

Our next meeting will be January 14th, the usual 2nd Sunday.  See "This Month's Meeting" for details including what you need to bring.

Auction Report:  Beginning January, the $1 Table will become the Fixed Price Table.  You will be able to bring any item and set your price.

Board Report: The Board will not meet in December.  

Membership Report:  As of the December 2017 meeting we have 40 memberships including 13 family memberships and 27 single memberships.  56 people.  

Treasury Report:  We have $1 in the Treasury 

Future Program Topics: 

--Cryptocorynes by John Willmon

--Keeping Snails in the Aquarium by Sarah Walker

--Nano Aquarium Show (new and improved bowl show)

--CO2 by [Your Name Here]

--Question and Answer Program [Open Forum]

--Keeping Shrimp by [Your Name Here]

--Aquarium Photography

-- Vivariums & Terrariums by [Your Name Here]

--Tucson Water by Tucson Water Dept

--Oceanographic Travelogue by Dave Padgett

--Tucson Panda Garras by Dave Padgett

--DIY Aquariums by Gabe Skidmore

--Setting up a fish room by Gabe Skidmore 

--Aquatic Plants by John Willmon

--Feeding Fry by [Your Name Here]

--Breeding Fish by [Your Name Here]

--Snail Apocalypse by Sam Murphy

Please be sure to inform the Vice President, Allan Theim, of your presentation idea. 

Upcoming Events:

* January Meeting - January 14, 2018

February Meeting - February 11, 2018
* March Meeting - March 11, 2018


Tucson's First Aquarium Society

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