Tucson's First Aquarium Society

"Collecting in Florida" by Gabe Skidmore

The August meeting is Sunday, August 13th, at 2pm at the Eckstrom/Columbus Library, 4350 W. 22nd Street.

Note:  The club has added a social time from 1:30pm until 2pm.  It seems to be time everyone is enjoying so come early!

For the August meeting our speaker will be Mr. Gabe Skidmore.  Gabe has been a club member for a couple of years and already one our best breeders of fish.  Gabe also has traveled to many places in the world so is a great source of information on fish to the club.  This month Gabe will present on his collecting trip to the panhandle and northern Florida that he made in May.  It will be great to see and hear about what he found in an area of the country known for its streams, swamps, ponds, and rivers.  I personally want to here about the Bluenose Shiners he saw.  (See fish of the month--Gabe actually saw these beauties.)  So this presentation will be a real treat because it is one trip we might all could make.

There will be the usual raffle for "Members Only" and the usual auction for all.  Please bring your plants, fish, and equipment you wish to share with others.

  Pygmy Sunfish, common to the Panhandle of Florida
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