It is time to celebrate the Holidays!!!  Our Holiday Party will be December 10th, at Eckstrom Columbus Library starting at 1:30 pm for those who want to visit with others or purchase something from the $1 Table.  

The party officially begins at 2pm.  There will not be a program but there will be gifts from the club to members in the form of a gift bag and a chance to win raffle tickets from our local affiliate members.  Oh, and there will be desserts.  In fact we ask each single member or family members to bring one dessert or hand food for five people.  It could be cookies, chips, cake, candy, etc.--homemade or store-bought--fun foods that we all enjoy.  The club will provide water, tea, and soft drinks as well as napkins, plates, and utensils. 

The major gift for every one will be the club T-shirt that you ordered.  If you did not order a T-shirt, there will be a gift bag for you as well.

Our raffle will be an extended "Members Only" raffle with gift certificates of $100 to $10 in value.  The number of tickets you receive is based on your monthly attendance for the year and your participation by bringing items to the auction, giving a program, and entering the Home Show or Bowl Show.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the Home Show and Bowl Show are given additional points.  But the number of points do matter because it only takes one raffle ticket to win.  Every member will have that chance.

It will be a chance for our club to celebrate and a time to give back to our members. 

See you December 10th.



  1. Conducts meetings
  2. Presides over board meetings
  3. Writes newsletter and posts on the website
  4. Secures donated gift certificates each month
  5. Keeps official membership list and posts on website

Vice President

  1. Conducts meetings in absence of president
  2. Presides over board meetings in absence of the president
  3. Schedules meeting topics in conjunction with the board


  1. Manages bank account
  2. Provides President with budget report each month for inclusion in newsletter
  3. Records auction transactions and provides the auction forms to the president for inclusion in newsletter
  4. Receives and distributes auction funds
  5. Records new memberships each month and provides membership forms to the president
  6. Makes and receives payments

Media Master

  1.  Manages Facebook page
    1. Responses to Facebook inquiries
    2. Posts next month’s meeting information on Facebook
    3. Posts pictures of meetings on Facebook
    4. Manages signs in affiliate member stores
      1. Insures cards supply is sufficient
      2. Replaces generic sign as needed


  1. Assists treasurer in recording auction transactions.
  2. Assists treasurer in receiving and distributing auction funds
  3. Comes early to meetings to assist in setting the room


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