Tucson's First Aquarium Society

THIS MONTH'S PROGRAM--SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2017--"How to Cultivate and Decimate Algae"

The September meeting is Sunday, September 10th, at 2pm at the Eckstrom/Columbus Library, 4350 W. 22nd Street.

Note:  The club has added a social time from 1:30pm until 2pm.  It seems to be time everyone is enjoying so come early!  A second reason to come early is that the $1 Table items are first-come, first-served.

For the September meeting our speaker will be Mr. Philip Sarelis.  Philip has spoken to the club on plant management and propagation at earlier meetings.  He is a terrific speaker and among the most knowledgeable plant enthusiasts in our club.  The topic is one that all of us deal with from time to time.  How do you manage algae?  Nutrients, light intensity, the number of plants, etc. all enter the equation.  Philip will help us solve that equation

There will be the usual raffle for "Members Only" and the usual auction and a $1 table for all.  Please bring your plants, fish, and equipment you wish to share with others.

  Pygmy Sunfish, common to the Panhandle of Florida
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