Tucson's First Aquarium Society


The November Meeting is back to the second Sunday, November 12th, at Eckstrom Columbus Library starting at 1:30 pm for those who want to visit with others or purchase something from the $1 Table.  

The meeting begins at 2pm.  The 
program will be our annual "Home Show." What makes this a unique program is that it allows us to see each other's aquarium and we do not have to travel to each others homes to view the aquariums.

This is how it works.  
Each of you is asked to send a picture of your home aquarium to Dave Padgett at .  Please send only one picture of each entry. The deadline for submission of your pictures is November 5th, 2017. You can enter as many aquariums as you like as long as the aquarium(s) is(are) a currently established aquarium in your home. 

There are three categories: freshwater, saltwater, and vivarium/terrarium. You do have to be a club member to enter and must be present to win. 

At the meeting we will view each entered aquarium as part of a slide show and vote on the aquariums. The votes will be tallied and awards will be given to the aquariums with the most votes in each category.  In each category, the first place will be awarded gift certificate of $20; second place will receive $15 gift certificate; and third place will be given a $10 gift certificate.

The three first place aquariums/vivariums/terrariums will then compete for the Best of Show.  The Best of Show will receive a $50 gift certificate.
After the voting, we will ask each entrant to talk for no more than five minutes about their aquarium- which could include lighting, aquarium occupants, filtering, 
substrate, decorations, plantings, water (RO, tap, other), temperature, and anything else you need to mention.  

It should be fun but only if you participate.

See you November 12th.

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