Tucson's First Aquarium Society


The October meeting is our annual Bowl Show.  It is your opportunity to bring in a fish that you are keeping for "show and tell" and perhaps win a prize.

The meeting is on the THIRD Sunday, October 15th, at 2pm at the Eckstrom/Columbus Library, 4350 W. 22nd Street.  We will be held in the small conference room.

The format for our annual bowl show is as follows: 

The bowls of fish will be presented on tables with lights provided by the club.  You do not need to bring a light.  This provides as equal as possible lighting for entries.

It is suggested that its presenter name the fish entry on a 3 by 5 card and place it in front of the bowl.  Your name and other details should not be given. After the voting, each bowl presenter will be asked to describe the fish and its care and maintenance.  You can inform the club the size of tank, the tank mates, the water conditions, the food provided, etc.

As for the prizes to be won.  There will be a popular voting process.  Each member of the club in attendance will be given 3 ballots. You have to be a member to vote. The member can vote for one fish with all three ballots or may vote for a different fish on each ballot or any combination. 

The ballots will be counted and the first place, Best of Show, winner will be awarded a $40 gift certificate, the second place winner will be given a $20 gift certificate, and the third place winner will be given a $10 gift certificate.

Also the three bowl show winners will be awarded 4, 3, and 2 points, respectively, towards extra raffle tickets for the December Holiday Raffle. All other entrants will receive 1 additional point for the same December raffle.

The rules for the bowl show are:

1. The bowl of aquarium must have one clear, flat-side for viewing; it is permissible to cover the other sides of the aquarium or bowl.

2. The bowl or aquarium must not have any decorations, plants, or gravel.

3. The bowl or aquarium may not be any larger than 5 gallons. 

4. The bowl or aquarium must contain only one species of fish; there is no limit on the number of the same species to be displayed.  So if you want to bring a school of the same species, you can.  It must fit in a 5 gallon or less bowl.

5. You have to be a member to enter a fish in the bowl show.

6. There is no limit as the number of entries.

This is meant to be a fun activity.  If you think you will overly stress your prized fish then please don't bring it to the bowl show.  It is up to your judgement as whether the fish will display well in a bowl.  You might want to acclimate the fish to the bowl several days before the meeting.

After the Bowl Show, we will have our usual "Members Only" raffle and auction.  See you October 15th.

2016 Bowl Show entry:

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