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The Desert Aquarist Society,  is a non-profit organization seeking to provide fun and information to our members and to the community about maintaining freshwater/marine fish in an aquarium environment and geckos and amphibians in a terrarium environment.  As a non-profit, no member of the organization receives any of the net earnings or assets.

We are dedicated to the education and husbandry of aquatic and terrarium life in a captive environment. Together we can share our collective knowledge and experience for improved care and propagation of fish and terrarium life.  In particular, the Desert Aquarist Society
is dedicated to reducing the negative impact of the hobby on the coral reef, endangered species, and the rain forest. We are committed to educating the public on proper care and maintenance of these miniature ecosystems and to promote the interest and enjoyment of the hobby. Our society provides resources to the aquarium and terrarium enthusiast in 
Southern Arizona
 and surrounding areas by sponsoring meetings, lectures, online discussions, websites and other means, to connect local hobbyists. The Desert Aquarist Society
will support educational and conservation organizations intended for the improvement of aquatic and terrarium environments. 

Membership in the Club

The membership of this organization shall be open to all persons who have an interest in aquatic life and is approved by the Society Board.  Application for membership in this organization shall be in writing on an official membership form, accompanied by one year’s annual dues and presented to the Treasurer or in the event of his/her absence, any Society Board Member.

All dues are annual.  Memberships are no longer prorated due to the Exclusive Member Only Raffles, Prizes, Holiday Party, etc

 Single Membership (Single Adult) - $15

 Family Membership (Adults, Children Optional) - $20

 Student Membership (Ages 8-17 years) - $10

 Associate Membership is free for local aquatics related businesses


President..........Alan Thiem
Vice President..........John Willmon
Secretary..........Sarah Walker
Media Director..........John Willmon
Treasurer..........Dan Pape

Members at Large:
President Emeritus..........Dave Padgett
Member at Large..........Bob Goemans, Marine Interest Group
Member at Large..........Sam Murphy, Killifish Interest Group


Membership Committee..........Beth Murphy, and Bea Padgett
Auctioneer..........Alan Thiem, and John Willmon
Treasurer Assistance..........Sarah Walker, Sam Murphy
Refreshment Committee..........Char Cohen

Membership: 40 memberships including 13 family memberships and 27 single memberships.  56 people.

* You must be a paid member for the members only raffle.

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