Events & Presentations

Upcoming Events:

* February Meeting - February, 11, 2018
* March Meeting - March 11, 2018

Presentation Topics:
  • Keeping Snails in the Aquarium by Sarah Walker (February)
  • Principles of Aquascape by Russell Higgins (March)
  • Ripariums by Dave Villapadua (April)
  • Fish MD; Disease Prevention and Treatment 101
  • Keeping Shrimp
  • CO2 Systems
  • Keeping Frogs
  • Dry Starting Plants
  • Setting the Mood; All About Breeding Fish
  • Brackish Aquariums
  • Planning the Fish Room by Gabe Skidmore
  • DIY Aquariums by Gabe Skidmore
  • DIY Aquarium Stands by Allan Theim
  • Aquatic Plants by John Willmon
  • Oceanographic Travelogue by Dave Padgett
  • Panda Garras by Dave Padgett
  • DIY Riparium Backgrounds by Lee Ingle
  • Native Live Aquatic Foods by Sam Murphy
  • The Undersea World of Bob Goemans
  • Question and Answer Program [Open Forum]
* Nano Aquarium Show (October)
* Home Show (November)
* Holiday Party (December)


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Please contact, VP Alan with your Presentation Topics.

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