Happy February!

This month’s presentation was Aquatic Snails by Sarah Walker. It was quite an educational topic that covered everything from pest snail to ornamental snails. how to make "Snello"(Sarah's snail food), as well as the laws surrounding ownership of some aquatic snails that are common in the hobby. In a first for the club, the presentation was filmed and we hope to have it available on YouTube soon!

Our Member's raffle this month included $80.00 worth of gift certificates from our Associate Members. These include a combination of  certificates that have been purchased by the club and donated by the businesses. This year we are trying something new, rather than doing one or two larger gift certificates from each Associate Member, we have decided to break everything down into $10.00 amounts so that at each meeting more members will be getting gift certificates. The response from our members has been quite positive. Associate Members are local businesses within the hobby that support the Desert Aquarist Society. These businesses are Arizona Nature Aquatics, Desert Pet, and Ever Evolving Exotics. We greatly appreciated their support! Please remember to thank them for their continued support any time you are in the store!

The educational presentation was followed by our auction, which included quite a few snails to go along with this month's presentation. As the auction is a donation to the club, it is a great way to support the club while clearing out gear you no longer need, plants from that overgrown tank, or some of those fish that you recently had success breeding. Please remember that our auctions are not meant to compete with our local stores, without them being here the hobby in Southern Arizona would not be what it is. 

The March meeting will feature a presentation on Aquascaping by Russell Higgins. Russell is one of the better aquascapers in the US and has consistantly been among the top ranking US entries into the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest. 



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