Welcome to the
Desert Aquarist Society

About Us

We are an aquarium club in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

We are open to the public and are an educational /non-profit club.  We meet monthly on the second Sunday of the month at Eckstrom-Columbus Library. 4350 E. 22nd Street, Tucson.  

People begin gathering for the meetings at 1:30 pm.  The first half hour is for socializing and for seeing whats available on the free table and on the $1 table.  The free table has items that members bring to share with others.  The $1 table items are auction-quality items but sell for a $1.  Both free-table and $1-table items are available on a first come-first served basis.

Our President officially starts the meeting at 2pm.

Each meeting includes an auction and a raffle; features a freshwater, saltwater, or terrarium/vivarium/ paludarium presentation; and, most importantly, encourages discussions of our fish, plants, animals, and aquariums.

Auctions include plants, fish, equipment, supplies, and aquariums.  Most fish and plants are bred or cultivated by our members.  The equipment and supplies are gently-used items or new items that members have acquired but have not used.

Raffles are for members' only and involve at least $50 worth of gift certificates from our affiliate members:  Arizona Nature Aquatics, Desert Pet, Ever Evolving  Exotics, Fishy Bizness, and Shark Reef.

To see a summary of our last meeting go to Our Last Meeting page. 

Besides the presentation, the club substitutes annual special events for presentations.  The special events include a Bowl Show, a Home Show, and other special events.  See the Home Show page for the 2018 winners as an example of a special event and to see why  we are  proud of member's aquariums. 

We also have an annual Holiday Party at the end of the year in which hundreds of dollars worth of gift certificates from our affiliate member stores are raffled and holiday gifts like t-shirts are given to the members.

In essence, our club is a social club promoting the aquarium and aquarium-related hobby.

We are joined in our efforts by our affiliate members stores in Tucson.  See Our Affiliate Members page for more information about our affiliate members.

We are always hoping that others who enjoy our hobby will join us. For more information about this month's meeting, see the Our Next Meeting page and/or visit: