President's Message

The April Meeting was April 14th and we had 28 people attend including 2 new members:  John Gilman and Doug Snow.  Two returning members also renewed:  Carissa Marshall and Eve Parris.  We were glad to see all of you there.

The presentation by Bob Goemans on the Odysea Aquarium in Phoenix was well done.  Given it has fresh and saltwater aquariums it  should interest everyone.  Bob said it was great for families but if you are a member of the hobby for a long time, do not look to be educated beyond the basics.  But still it looks to be a fun adventure.  Thanks Bob for your very interesting presentation.

Our "Members Only" raffle had 11 people win over $100 of gift certificates plus Scott McDonald won a copy of Bob Goemans new book on filtration for fresh and saltwater.  Scott, we expect a report in the near future.

Our auction was mostly plants but there were some really good ones including anubias, bacopa, java fern, and A. capatellata.  There were also red shrimp, guppies, least killiffish and endlers available.

Maybe the highlight of the meeting was provided by Sarela.  She brought pizza!

For those of you who could not attend in April , we missed you and hope to see you back on May 12th
Alan Thiem