October 13th Meeting


We will be meeting on Sunday, October 13th, at Columbus Library at the usual 2pm (1:30 for meeting with friends and getting first shot at the $1 table and the free items). 

The program is the annual "Bowl Show."  The rules are:

The club will provide Critter Keepers that hold about 1.2 gallons of water, BUT remember that you must bring your own water

1. Must be a member to enter the Bowl Show. Anyone can vote.
2. Entries will fit into two categories: Fish and Inverts/Snails
3. Max of two entries per member, one per category.
4. Member must bring their own water.
5.  No plants, moss or other decorations may be brought from home.

There will be the usual Member’s Only Raffle and the usual auction.  Remember to please bring the plants you have grown, the fish and invertebrates you have raised, and the gently-used aquariums and equipment to the auction.

This is always a fun meeting!  See you on the 13th!!!