August 11th Meeting

We will be meeting on Sunday, August 11th,  at Columbus Library at the usual 2pm (1:30 for meeting with friends and

Our program will be on "Shipping Fish" by Sarah Walker.  Sarah  ships fish all over the world because she breeds a  getting first shot at the $1 table and the free items). ton of fish--mostly  killifish.  Sarah is currently an officer of the American Killifish  Association and also has started a Facebook page for the association.   She is definitely a friend of our club and someone with great  expertise.     

There will be the usual Member’s Only Raffle and the usual  auction.  Remember to please bring the plants you have grown, the fish  and invertebrates you have raised, and the gently-used aquariums and  equipment to the auction.

If  you have not renewed your membership, you can do so at the meeting.  So  bring a little extra so you will have some leftover for the auction.   The memberships are pro-rated for the rest of the year:  $10 for family  memberships and $7.50 for single memberships.  Last meeting we gave away  $105 worth of gift certificates.  You cannot win if you are not a  member.