We will be meeting on Sunday, April  14th, at the Columbus Library at the usual 2pm (1:30 for meeting with friends and getting first shot at the $1 table and the free items). 

The program is " A Visit to OdySea Aquarium" by Bob Goemans.  Follow Bob and his wife as they tour the OdySea Public Aquarium in Phoenix. It begins in the parking lot, then moves to its entrance where large clear globes hang from its ceiling containing ‘live’ fish, then to the two floors above where you basically follow a rain drop from its wet path high up in mountains to the sea, thereby seeing what various freshwater and marine creatures inhabit those areas.

Also there will be the usual Member’s Only Raffle and the usual auction. 

Remember to please bring the plants you have grown, the fish and invertebrates you have raised, and the gently-used aquariums and equipment to the auction.

If you have not renewed your membership, you can do so at the meeting.  So bring a little extra so you will have some leftover for the auction.  The memberships are $20 for family memberships and $15 for single memberships.

See you on Sunday, April 14th!